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About us

Who are we?

NAPM is originally a Section 21 Trade Association which was established in 1977. It was incorporated as a non profit organization in terms of the amendment to the Companies Act of 2008.

It is a voluntary, non-profit organisation consisting of South African and Generics based Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. NAPM has a diverse membership comprising of 24 companies. Some of the NAPM’s function is to ensure that the sector plays a constructive role in our country’s economic growth, development and transformation and thereby create an environment in which the sector can thrive, expand, be competitive and enhance access of medicines to all of our country’s citizens.

NAPM supports Government’s initiative of Accelerated Shared Growth Initiative SA (ASGISA) and in particular shared growth to address the twin challenges of unemployment and poverty alleviation and the economic growth rate required to meet these two challenges. NAPM is a full member of the IGBA and SAGMA.

Our mission and vision

We aim to champion affordable and accessible healthcare by promoting generic and biosimilar medicines and supporting the development of the South African pharmaceutical  industry as a national asset. We also aim to contribute to the efficiency of the regulatory system which will in turn help speed up the registration of drugs.

Our Objective

To promote the use of Generic Medicines and Biosimilars

Create greater access to medicines for patients

Strengthen the NAPM Membership

Develop the local pharmaceutical industry as a whole

Our Board

Melinda Badenhorst

Desmond Brothers –Immediate past Chairperson

Muhammad Bodhania

Suhail Gani

Lorraine Keyser – Vice Chairperson

Herman Grobler – Chairperson

Reshlan Nagoor

Mervin Naidoo

Erik Roos

Vineet Shiva

Anita Smal

Guillaume Van Niekerk


Science / Regulatory/ Biosimilars Committee

Trade and Industry / Tenders Committee

Marketing Committee

Intellectual Property Committee

Pricing  /Market Access Committee

CAMS Committee